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Kits residents say they can save the Hollywood Theatre

VANCOUVER – (NEWS1130) People in Kitsilano say money isn’t an obstacle when it comes to saving the iconic Hollywood Theatre.

Public support at a Sunday afternoon rally to save the venue was very strong with more than 100 people showing up.

The current owner plans to turn the building into a fitness club which would only preserve the exterior.

But people in the neighbourhood want to see the theatre saved in its entirety.

“We haven’t been able to meet with the owner, to see if the owner is interested in selling the property because we are confident we could come up with another purchaser,” says Gail, one of many who packed the back rows of St. James Hall in Kitsilano for the rally.

She says they’re still developing a business plan but that the turnout for the rally is enough to show the community means business.

A city-imposed moratorium on construction ends in January and people are scrambling to come up with a way to save what many see as an important piece of the city’s culture. It’s also one of the last 35mm theatres in Vancouver.

Terry Martin lives in Kits and says there’s enough community support to save the Hollywood, if the current owner will listen.

“We’re not out to have a battle with the landlord. I believe we can make him an offer that will make him the same profits long-term, save him money in construction costs and serve the community at the same time. So we have solutions where everybody wins.”