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New report tackles growing population and mass transit

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With Metro Vancouver’s population expected to grow dramatically by 2040 now is the time to take a serious look at the future of mass transit.

The author of a UBC report is outlining four main points, from transit funding to user fees, as ways to improve the system.

Larry Frank thinks developers who build farther from transit centres should pay a higher price. “In order to reduce car dependence; to create more sustainable development patterns where greenhouse gas emissions are lower; where people walk more, take transit more, are more active and less likely to develop chronic disease from sedetary behaviour.”

He also thinks municipalities should stop dragging their feet on expansion as delays only make projects more expensive. He adds it’s not only about who will pay. “How to make transit more effective and make the money we do spend on transit go further and get better bang for our buck. It’s not just about how to expand the system, it’s how to make transit more effective and reduce reliance on cars.”

Frank will be discussing the report during a public forum on transit Monday night.