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UBC asked to consider helping to pay for rapid transit

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – UBC is being told if it wants a transit line so badly, maybe it should consider helping to pay for it.

The suggestion came during a transportation discussion in Burnaby which attracted close to 200 people.

The Canada Line was built as a public-private partnership with $300 million coming from the Vancouver Airport Authority.

Carole Jolly with the university says it doesn’t have the ability to raise revenue through user fees or taxation. “UBC is an educational institution, the money that is raised from that land is going back to the endowment to help fund the academic mission of the institution. It is something UBC is looking at and considering.”

She says rapid transit is not just about UBC or Vancouver, people from all over the region are coming to the corridor and on a daily basis are experiencing the effects of the transit supply not keeping pace with demand.