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Vancouver woman gives birth in a taxi

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Most of the time a cab is just a cab, but Sunday morning a Vancouver taxi became a delivery room.

Abdul Jabbar says he picked up a husband and wife just after 5 a.m. and only three minutes later the baby was being delivered. “I could hear the cries in the back…the husband says ‘hold the baby’ and she was holding it!”

Jabbar says it was so chaotic, he was so focused on the drive that he doesn’t know if they had a boy or a girl!

He says the husband was persistent in trying to get to the BC Women’s Hospital quickly. “I said there is a bus in front of me and the light is red, I cannot go through!”

“In this situation if he did not pay I would not have minded, because this is not a thing that happens every day. This is a once in a lifetime,” adds Jabbar.

He says doctors and nurses were waiting for them when they got to the hospital, the cord was cut in the back of the cab.