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East Delta house fire sends flames, smoke into the sky

DELTA (NEWS1130) – The sky in Delta is full of smoke this afternoon after a house and possibly a barn has gone up in flames.
Delta Fire2

Bruce called the newsroom and said at one point he saw fire shooting into the sky but it doesn’t look like it’s affecting traffic.

“Everything that you can see, there is a hell of a big fire there at this point and there’s a lot of emergency vehicles and stuff, but it’s got nothing to do with highway or anything like that, it basically looks like it’s along the dike on Boundary Bay.”

Another caller, Don, says crews are working to get things under control.

“There’s one, two, three, four fire engines that we can see, and an ambulance and it looks like they’re working on the house but there’s a lot of smoke that we can see even from here and we’re about a mile away.”

Don isn’t sure about other buildings in the area, he says the smoke is too thick to see anything.

Delta Fire3