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Province wants to hear what you think about speed limits

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The province wants to hear from you about safety on our highways.

BC’s transportation minister has launched public consultations.

Todd Stone says speed limits are up for debate. “This review isn’t about increasing speed limits, it’s about ensuring we have the right speed limits on our provincial highways.”

The province is also reviewing the definition of winter tires. “For now, the RCMP will continue to allow tires with either the snowflake in a mountain symbol or the designation on highways where winter tires are required as long as the tires are in good condition and have enough tread.”

While the focus is on rural roads, Stone says he’ll also welcome opinions about city-based highway stretches.

The consultation will run province wide until January 24 through a series of open houses and online engagement.

The ministry will also be seeking input from ICBC, police, the Union of BC Municipalities, as well as other key stakeholders and implementation of the findings will start in the spring of 2014.