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Tips for exercising outdoors in winter weather

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Being able to exercise outdoors year-round is one of the benefits of living in the lower mainland, but a local fitness expert warns you need to take some care in the cold weather.

Dai Manuel from Fitness Town says he’s seen a lot of “dont’s” this week. “I see a lot of runners out there on the seawall wearing t-shirts and shorts. You can see the effects of the cold – they look almost pink!”

Manuel says you may feel warm , but your body isn’t used to the extreme cold and you need to protect it. “You have to keep the core warm. It doesn’t matter when you work out. It’s essential for blood flow, for your circulation, for the way you breathe. So you have to dress warmly.”

The secret is lots of layers, especially if you’re jumping around in an outdoor bootcamp.

Hydration is also just as important, even though you may not feel yourself sweating, so keep chugging water.