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Winter care packages hit the streets as the cold air sets in

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Thousands of Winter Care Packages provided by the Lotus Light Charity Society will go out to the homeless starting this weekend, marking the 18th year the program has been around.

About 50 people lined up awaiting their package before the doors even opened.

Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang has volunteered with Lotus Light for five-years, and was on hand to commence the handing out of the packages.

Jang claims the city is doing everything it can to help the homeless during the current cold snap.

“It’s extremely cold right now, and this is why it’s really important we get the homeless inside as quickly as we can. In fact one shelter filled up right before lunch time.”

Jang admits there are holes in the level of service the city can provide, and it relies on not-for-profits like Lotus Light to fill in the gaps.

Jang also explained how the community has really come together during these cold days, and he thinks more people are aware of the situation the homeless face.

“We are seeing a lot of calls from people offering socks, and blankets. We do see a lot of folks raising awareness by blanket drives and coat drives, and they’re all going to great causes [like Lotus Light].”

The Winter Care Packages will be handed out by Lotus Light volunteers, members of the VPD, and the BC Ambulance Service. The packages include sleeping bags, socks, mitts, a headlamp, and other necessities to keep people warm and secure on cold winter days.