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Moore's child poverty remarks lead to firestorm of reaction

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – His comments are being called “sad,” “ugly,” “out of touch,” and “insensitive.”

Local Conservative MP James Moore has set off a firestorm online after a statement over the weekend claiming child poverty isn’t Ottawa’s problem.

In a matter of days, this has become one of the most-commented upon stories of all-time on our website, generating pages of mostly incredulous and angry reaction.

Moore, who is the federal industry minister said to News1130‘s Sara Norman it is the responsibility of the provinces to deal with child poverty.

“Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so,” he chuckled during a reporters’ scrum.

Moore stated Ottawa is helping keep kids fed by creating more jobs after saying the country has never been wealthier.

Child watchdog groups have blasted Moore and the bashing continues on Twitter with #MooreChristmas, where he is being called callous and out of touch. A petition calling for his resignation is also circulating.

Initially Moore, said his comments were taken out of context. Audio from the full exchange was later posted on this website.

Some tweets sent by local Conservative MP James Moore, which have since been deleted (Screengrab courtesy Topsy)
Some tweets sent by local Conservative MP James Moore (Screengrab courtesy Topsy)