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Local blogger raising funds to publish book on cycling

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Our city’s cycling culture is certainly unique and now a local blogger is putting pen to paper to write a book about it.

Rachel Bee blogs about bikes every week online at “Vancouver is Awesome” and she says the local cycling scene is like nowhere else in the country. “We can go mountain biking and to the seawall in the same day, right? And we have such a diverse group of cyclists here. There’s racers, there’s beach cruisers, there’s mountain bikers, there’s so many aspects of it and there’s so many that cycle in Vancouver. It’s a main mode of transportation.”

Bee says it’s a photo-based book that will also include facts about Vancouver cycling that people may not know. “In the 70s, cycling was so popular that Stanley Park closed the roads [on Sundays] so people could cycle around Stanley Park. It’s something I didn’t know and I don’t think lots of people know about that. That would be great if they could do that again.”

The book doesn’t have a publisher and Bee is hoping to raise the required $12,000 online through a crowdfunding campaign. “The majority of the money raised will go directly towards the first round of printing of the book as that is the biggest expense I’m facing. The rest of the funding will be for design, layout, colour correction, and editing. The printing will be done in Canada and locally.

The fundraising campaign can be found a kickstarter.com.