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Cory Sater found guilty in deaths of two women

NEW WESTMINSTER (NEWS1130) – A man has been found guilty of causing the crash that killed two woman in Coquitlam in 2011.

The judge said Cory Sater had six double rye and Cokes, plus two shots before driving his Jeep into Charlene Reaveley and Loraine Cruz.

The women were standing on the side of Lougheed Highway after a previous accident; Sater left the scene after he hit them.

Charlene’s husband Dan is relieved at the verdict but he says it would have been easier to forgive Sater if he plead guilty to all the charges right away.

“I think any decent human being with an ounce of remorse would be very apologetic from the get-go and I definitely didn’t see that from Cory.”

Sater will be sentenced on March 31st for dangerous driving causing death and impaired driving causing death.

“It’s not to see that justice has been served, for the most, well the legal aspect of it has been. Now it just comes down to sentencing. It doesn’t really change a whole lot but at least there’s accountability for the actions that took place,” add Reaveley.