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Grillbots can take care of cleaning your barbecue grill

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (NEWS1130) – We’ve all seen the robot vacuum cleaners that roam around your living room floor sucking up crumbs and dust, but featured at CES this year, there is a similar robot, but this one is for your barbeque.

Ethan Woods in the inventor of the Grillbot and says he came up with the idea after getting sick and tired of cleaning his own grill.

“There had to be a better way. The reason I came up with it is, I was looking to barbecue one day and I didn’t have a brush. I used to a power drill and a rotary bristle brush and started cleaning my grill. I thought it was a good idea and it should have been automatic.”

“It has a timer; it’s 10, 20 or 30 minutes and it’ll shut down when it’s done.”

The three brushes that come with the Grillbot are dishwasher safe and pop right off. Woods says stainless steel brushes are also available for grills that are coated or wrought iron grills as well.

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