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Crooner Michael Buble suggests Canucks should rebuild

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – After back-to-back first round losses, and mixed results half way through this season, one local celebrity is suggesting the Canucks make some drastic changes. Crooner Michael Buble thinks Vancouver should take a serious look at rebuilding its team.

Speaking on Sportsnet’s Hockey Central, Buble voiced his frustrations with the current Canucks team. The self-professed super fan says he watches every game and it is clear this team doesn’t have what it takes to win a Stanley Cup. “If you don’t give away or trade away your pieces that are worth something now, you are going to sit mid-pack. You are only going to make one round of the playoffs and you are just going to sit there and be mediocre.”

The four-time Grammy award winner admits the Canucks are in a tough spot, because they are just one or two moves away from being competitive. “There are probably people within the Canucks that believe they are pieces away from being able to contend, which most of us would probably agree with. Then there’s probably a thought of maybe we can do a rebuild on the fly.”

The Burnaby-born singer says he is leaning towards preferring a rebuild, and thinks Vancouver fans would understand if the team decided to make some controversial moves. “We have pretty smart hockey fans. We know our hockey. We eat it, we breath it, we talk about it everyday. I think it would shock you how accepting of that plan that Canucks fans would be.”

Buble says if he was a betting man, he thinks members of Canucks management have already discussed blowing up the team and starting over. “I would bet this is a battle. I really would bet you that in that club there really are people who want to rebuild and I bet you there are people who don’t. It is a pretty fiery time there I’m guessing.”

Buble is a co-owner of the Vancouver Giants and he says they had to make the tough decision to rebuild last year, but it was the best thing for the franchise. “We decided to rebuild and admitting it was the hardest part probably, to yourself and to your fans, but once it happens the healing starts.”

The Canucks return to action tomorrow against the Chicago Blackhawks at Rogers Arena. Puck drop is at 7:30 p.m..