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Bags of stolen mail and ID recovered in North Vancouver

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You’re being reminded thieves want your personal information, and it comes amid concerns Canada Post cuts could make your mail more vulnerable.

RCMP in North Vancouver have discovered bags of stolen mail and identification.

Mounties continue to sift through everything and say hundreds of people’s mail, credit cards, passports, driver’s licenses, have been recovered.

Corporal Richard De Jong says it’s the result of a traffic stop a couple of weeks ago.

They discovered the stash inside a rental van. “The property that we can link it to right now is from actual robberies, break and enters, thefts from vehicles, thefts of vehicles , mailbox thefts.”

De Jong says as many as 500 people or more may be affected. “Certainly it covers the scope of identification that is stolen and then used for identity fraud, which is very significant, of course, in society today.”

A 27-year-old Surrey man has been charged.

RCMP think they have come across some kind of mobile operation that covered a number of Metro Vancouver cities.