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More people choosing cell phones over landlines

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – More Canadians are saying goodbye to landlines and just using cellphones to stay in touch.

Last year, about 15 per cent of Canadians reported just having a cellphone.

People News1130 spoke to say there are a number of reasons they choose to give up their landlines. Some say they just had enough of telemarketers and people calling asking for handouts. Others reported there cell phones perform a number of different tasks and saw no use for a landline.

And when it comes to the Internet, more than 80 per cent of folks across the country report having access at home.

Households in Alberta (87.3 per cent) and British Columbia (84.3 per cent) were the most likely to have home access.

People in PEI and New Brunswick were the least likely to have an Internet connection.