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Local MP points to Kinder Morgan maps and oil spill flows

BURNABY (NEWS1130) – A Burnaby MP calls it a jarring reminder of the possible impact from an oil spill; the New Democrat is drawing attention to Kinder Morgan maps for the Trans Mountain pipeline proposal.

The map is part of the 15,000 pages submitted by the company to the National Energy Board, as Kinder Morgan seeks approval to twin the pipeline. MP Kennedy Stewart points out it includes oil spill flows.

“The purple lines on the map show that the oil will flow right into the Fraser River… massive amounts of oil in the Fraser River, and all the way along through ecologically sensitive areas,” he says.

Kennedy says oil would pass through neighbourhoods, parks, and schools. “The company thinks this is actually a good thing; they say in their document that spill effects could have positive and negative effects and people can get work cleaning up the spills.”

“Just to give you terms of reference, Hastings Street is 21 metres wide; this is seven times the width of Hastings Street. It’s a massive project. It’ll look something like the Canada Line when construction begins.”

He argues a spill could devastate the city he represents.

Click here to find a map of oil spill flows through New Westminster and Coquitlam.

Click here to find a map of oil spill flows through Burnaby.