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Workplace bullying and harassment still an issue

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – There is a major focus on bullying today, and it doesn’t just happen in the school yard.

WorksafeBC now treats this issue as a workplace hazard and there are real repercussions when this type of behaviour is not addressed or dealt with.

Marino Sveinson with law firm Bull Housser says there is no shortage of people seeking legal advice surrounding this in the city.

“It does happen on a fairly frequent basis where we’ll get a call. So one of the most important things for an employer to do, is to do a thorough investigation and try and figure out what’s actually happened in the situation and if it’s quite serious, then the allege harasser could lose their job.”

Sweinson still finds surprising is the amount of calls surrounding sexual harassment.

“I don’t think there’s anything that’s completely common, but it does surprise me still, these days, that we get the typical standard sexual harassment type of issues coming to the forefront, and when we investigate, sometimes there is some validity to those.”