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Baby poop in sausages?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If you found traces of baby poop in your sausages this morning, you’d probably be dropping your fork and on the line to Health Canada in flash.

But Spanish researchers have been using samples from diapers to make sausages healthier and tastier.

A gourmet sausage with baby poop? Sort of…

Scientists isolated a strain of probiotic bacteria from infant feces — from actual dirty diapers — and cooked up a few batches of a fermented Mediterranean-style sausage.

To be fair, we have mined human poop for its healthful powers for some time (have you ever eaten probiotic yogurt?).

But it is just the isolated and farmed bacteria — no source material!

By the way, the baby poop sausage was lower in fat and salt, but just as delicious when tested by professional tasters.