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BC film industry gearing up for busy summer

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Expect to see more film crews at work around Metro Vancouver this summer thanks to this year’s lower Canadian dollar.

It’s a billion dollar industry for BC and usually quite busy during the summer months but producers say last year was a bit slow. They expect things to pick up again in the next little while.

“It looks like it’s a pretty good pilot and television season and so we’re pretty optimistic that a lot of people will be busy and that’s good news in terms of when you compare it to last year at this time,” explains Peter Leitch, Chair of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association.

There are at least 15 productions on the current BC film list.

“With feature films you really don’t know until they land up here. So we’ve been in discussions and there have been lots of inquiries in terms of availabilities or studio space and availability of crews,” Leitch says.

He says there’s always the concern that we could lose out to other Canadian cities but he thinks we have a bigger advantage in terms of production ability here.