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Bear sightings on Burnaby Mountain

BURNABY (NEWS1130) – Spring has officially arrived and that means it’s nearly bear season.

Some SFU students recently saw one up on Burnaby Mountain.

There have also been sightings in Coquitlam and the North Shore.

Conservation officer Jack Trudgian says they don’t have a lot of other options besides shooting one that keeps coming back. “Can’t say that relocation works. I mean, the best thing is preventative measures where it doesn’t have to get to that stage where we don’t have to destroy a bear.”

He says there’s no indication that they’ll be any more aggressive this year than last. “People should definiately, if they see a sow with some cubs, just stay away from them. Some bears could have one to three cubs. Definiately the mom will be protective of her cubs, especially if she is trying to find a food source for them.”

And remember you can be fined if you attract bears to your neighbourhood, by doing something like leaving your garbage out.