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Local radio host's story of kindness goes viral

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A story by a Vancouver radio host has gone viral, making the rounds on social media, getting posted to mommy blogs, and even hitting the Today Show.

Tara Jean, who co-hosts Morning Glory on News1130‘s brother station Jack FM, took her kids to a play centre in Richmond earlier this month.

There was another mom there, who had fallen asleep on a bench and Tara Jean says she clearly needed the rest.

So along with her own kids, Tara Jean looked after the woman’s three year old daughter for an hour, giving her water when she was thirsty, and a hug when she hit her head.

Tara Jean posted the story on Facebook that night…and it’s been re-posted, commented on, and liked more than a million times. “It hopefully got into peoples’ brains that they can make a choice to help this week, instead of judge.”

She shared the story through a note addressed to the exhausted mother — the first line was “I got you.”