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Federal politicians from all major parties praising QC election result

OTTAWA (NEWS1130) – There’s relief on Parliament Hill today after the Quebec Liberals were voted into power over the separatist Parti Quebecois.

MPs from all of the major federal parties are applauding the result, even Conservative Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney.

“[I’m] very happy of the result and will be working with the Quebec government to seek prosperity and growth of the economy,” he says.

It’s rare to see the Conservatives happy with a grit victory, but they now don’t have to deal with a referendum.

The NDP’s Alexandre Boulerice says this vote sent a clear message. “Quebecers were asked if they want a referendum and the answer was a clear ‘no.’ The people are not hungry for that. They don’t want that; they don’t want any divisive issues now.”

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says this vote is a clear rejection of separatism and the PQ charter of values. “My fellow Quebecers in this election showed economic stability and pushed away the politics of division and negativity.”

Trudeau adds this is the start of a new relationship between Quebec and Ottawa. “The federal government now has someone in Quebec City who is not looking to gain political advantage in creating squabbles, but instead will work together.”

In a statement, the PM says he looks forward to working with the new Quebec government on job creation and the economy.