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Riverside Secondary students shown the dangers of distracted driving

PORT COQUITLAM (NEWS1130) – If they had any doubt, students at Riverside Secondary School now know the dangers of distracted driving are real.

Students took part in an exercise that simulated texting and driving.

They were asked to walk through an obstacle course, go through it again while texting, and then again while wearing goggles that simulated being drunk.

Student Chantal Cardosa says students bumped into more things while texting through the course. “Kids who were texting and driving had the longest time, the most demerits, rather than drunk driving or simply walking through. It really proves a point that driving distracted is an issue among youth and it’s dangerous.”

She says many were surprised to see the results. “We said ‘OK, imagine this was a pedestrian, imagine you’re walking through and hitting potholes, you’re hitting a pet. They’re walking through and just knocking them over.”

In the last five years, 34 per cent of young drivers involved in crashes that resulted in injuries or death were distracted.