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Vancouver wouldn't fare well in a zombie attack

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You have so much to worry about in your day — the commute, politics at work, what to make for dinner tonight. Well now you can add surviving the zombie apocalypse to the mix!

An engineering student from Edmonton has come up with a ranking of the Canadian cities most and least likely to withstand an attack by the undead, and Metro Vancouver isn’t exactly at the top of the list.

Blogger Michael Ross, the guy behind Extreme Enginerding, looked at factors such as climate, population density, gun ownership and the obesity rate.

The top spots to survive a zombie onslaught in Canada? St John’s Newfoundland and Regina, Saskatchewan — they’re cold, there are lots of guns and they are reasonably close to military bases.

Vancouver’s chances of coming through the apocalypse are a little less than 50/50. Our mellow attitude is balanced by the fact we are generally fit and caffeinated. (Rule #1 in Zombieland is “Cardio” for a good reason.)

Southern Ontario cities are the worst place to be in a zombie attack. Windsor is at the bottom of the ranking, not far behind Toronto. They are warmer, poorly armed and home to potential zombie buffet, the not-so-nimble Rob Ford.

Though zombies are known for demanding “more brains.”