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'Lawyer' tops the list of Canada's Best Jobs

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Being a lawyer is once again considered one of the most lucrative careers in the country.

Canadian Business magazine has released this year’s list of the best jobs in the country.

Graham F. Scott with the magazine says it’s a good idea to stick with a career because there will be opportunity for movement as baby boomers retire and “they require you to have a fair amount of experience in your field in order to move up into the jobs where there’s a lot of demand for people with deep knowledge of their subject area, and it’s also where all the money is.”

“A lot of the big jobs that used to dominate the top of the list have slipped a little bit down, and that’s mostly jobs to do with the energy industry,” he notes.

Some of the other top jobs include positions in the health care sector and human resources.

Later this year, Canadian Business will release a list of the worst jobs in Canada.