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Avril Lavigne defends controversial music video against accusations of racism

TORONTO (NEWS1130) – Canadian pop singer Avril Lavigne has defended her brightly coloured video for “Hello Kitty” against charges of racism.

The video features the 29-year-old prancing about in various Japanese-themed sets motifs in front of four grimacing Asian dancers.

The Japan-shot clip also finds Lavigne singing in a bedroom, a candy store and a sushi restaurant.

Billboard called the video an “embarrassment in any language,” USA Today linked to the clip’s “cringeworthy glory” while referencing the possibility that it was racist and Entertainment Weekly questioned whether the video was “offensive … or offensively obvious.”

Lavigne countered such talk on her Twitter account late Wednesday, laughing off accusations of racism. “RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!!” she tweeted to her 15.6 million followers. “I love Japanese culture and I spend half of my time in Japan.”