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Warmer weather brings increase in preventable fall injuries

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Every year we see an increase in the number of preventable fall injuries as the weather warms up.

Kids are naturally curious and good climbers, but there are ways to keep them safe around windows during the spring and summer.

UBC Pediatrics professor Mariana Brussoni says parents have to make sure there aren’t any objects under windows that kids can climb up on.

“One thing that is also important to keep in mind is that even if windows have screens on them, screens are not actually strong enough to keep someone from falling out. So, just to think about window safety and keeping toddlers and infants safe around windows.”

Brussoni says it’s up to parents to keep an eye on young kids this time of year. “They get really excited about the heat, they want to open their windows wide and let in the fresh air and that’s the really wonderful part of the season.”

She recommends installing window guards or fasteners to prevent children from opening them more than 10 centimetres.