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Tips for recent college and university grads searching for jobs

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – For many college and university grads, gone are the days of early-morning classes and late-night cram sessions.

News1130 is getting some advice for recent grads who are starting real life with one thing on their minds: finding a job!

“Stick with the two P’s: Be proactive and stay positive,” advises Jeff Schwartz with Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada.

He admits it might not be easy, but you need to get off on the right financial foot. “Successes don’t necessarily find you; you’ve got to find them. So it may not be your dream job and it may not be the one that nets you six figures the first time out there.”

As you hunt for a job, Schwartz notes it’s a good idea to save as much money as you can.

“Being ‘Captain Obvious’ here: Spend less than you make. There are tons of ways for you to save money and avoid debt. One of the things is move into your parents’ basement. But if that’s not necessarily available to you, get a roommate and cut your housing costs in half.”

He also suggests you consider riding a bike instead of filling up the car with gas.