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Recess cancelled as a result of job action is bad for kids: expert

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Concerns are being raised about the impacts on kids as several districts across the province have cancelled recess.

Abbotsford is one of the latest, citing that district staff is unable to leave other work duties to cover for teachers who are under job action.

Psychologist Alyson Jones says kids’ performance in the classroom depends on getting that break.

“Their performance in the class is actually much higher when they have had the opportunity to get out and play for 15 minutes. It’s actually very important to their overall ability to concentrate [and] do their classwork,” she says. “I think we’re going to see children who aren’t able to get out there, and have their recess impacted by this in a greater way than we quite understand.”

Jones says another consequence is kids becoming aware that job action is getting in the way of their day to day activities, especially because they are taught about resolving issues cooperatively and with dignity.

“It becomes a bit of a double standard when the children are experiencing the losses because the adults can’t resolve the conflict.”