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Hundreds of layoff notices going out to BC teachers this week

COQUITLAM (NEWS1130) – Big cuts are coming to some school districts, as hundreds of layoff notices go out to teachers in BC this week.

Typically, many teachers get hired back in the fall, but there are many with a lot of years under their belt who could remain out of a job come September.

The cuts go deep down the seniority chart in cities Coquitlam. News1130 has been speaking with teachers in the district who say anyone without 8.4 years of experience is facing the axe.

A rally is being organized for next Tuesday to protest the cuts.

Layoff notices have gone out to 630 teachers in Coquitlam as the district deals with a $13.4-million budget shortfall and plans for a reduction of 91 full-time positions. The Coquitlam Teachers Association has said the numbers are unprecedented and those who avoid the cuts often go back to temporary work or are underemployed.

Teachers say it all adds up to larger class sizes and fewer resources and support available for students.