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Park Board Vice Chair determined to stop whale, dolphin captivity

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Just because the city decided against including a referendum question in this fall’s election over the Vancouver Aquarium keeping whales and dolphins in captivity, doesn’t mean the issue is going away. That promise from Park Board Vice-Chair Constance Barnes, who says bylaw changes are the better way to go.

“The bylaws need to be changed so no more breeding, no more trading, and if there is a rescue program, there has to be a release program that comes with it. In my opinion, if they cannot be released back into the wild, I would like to see those dollars go towards a pen in our beautiful clean, clear ocean,” says Barnes.

Barnes is hopeful she can work with the Aquarium on phasing out the large mammals, meaning they would not be replaced once they die. She adds keeping the cetaceans in captivity is not essential to research at the Aquarium, despite their claims.

She is hopeful the Aquarium will be amenable to working with the Park Board directly.