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NDP says BC hasn't budgeted money for domestic abuse plan until 2015

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The BC NDP is calling on the province to do more to protect women in the wake of several brutal domestic abuse deaths in recent weeks. But the party claims the province is putting off creating a domestic violence plan until next year, and women in abusive relationships can’t wait that long.

There’s no money in the provincial budget to create that plan until 2015 according to Maurine Karagianis, Critic for Women’s Issues. “We think that the government needs to be doing a lot more. A plan needs to be put in place immediately. There needs to be more outreach so women who are fleeing violence know where they can go for help and there will be help there when they call for it.”

Karagianis adds it’s especially critical since thousands of women in BC experience ongoing domestic violence, and many don’t have access to support services to help escape those situations.

“The Office of Domestic Violence that the government currently runs does not provide any kind of services. So if you are someone fleeing violence, you’d think that logically you’d call the office of domestic violence, but you won’t get any resources or any help there,” says Karagianis.

Karagianis is calling on Victoria to create a plan immediately in light of what she calls a rash of domestic violence deaths recently that are very alarming.