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More travellers interested in perks rather than price: American Express

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Are you looking for perks or the best price when you’re booking a vacation?

Director of Canada Travel Servicing Gerald Parent with American Express says only 20 per cent of travellers say their budget is their number one priority, with 36 per cent seeking upgrades instead.

“Canadians have a desire to be travellers and not tourists. What they are looking for is curated types of experiences, quirky types of experiences or adventures. They also want to make sure they have a breadth of choice at every price point,” he describes.

He says people are increasingly choosing adventures over relaxing on a beach. “Some of the top emerging destinations are places like Brazil, Peru, Central Europe, and Milan is starting to become popular.”

Parent says LA, Honolulu and Cancun continue to be favourite destinations.

On average, the survey finds this year’s summer travellers are planning a 10-day vacations, with a fairly even split on how travellers want to spend their time.

Forty-three per cent of those booking vacations are seeking a relaxing experience, while another 34 per cent look to immerse themselves in the culture of the destination.

American Express says most continue to flock towards these popular destinations:

– London, England
– Paris, France
– Rome, Italy
– Orlando, Florida
– New York, New York
– Kahului, Hawaii
– San Francisco, California
– Cancun, Mexico
– Los Angeles, California
– Honolulu, Hawaii
American Express says other travellers are making these destinations emerging hot spots:

– Brazil
– Santorini, Greece
– Hilton Head, South Carolina
– Grand Junction, Colorado
– Milan, Italy
– Bucharest, Romania
– Sydney, Australia
– Sitka, Alaska
– Mykonos, Greek Islands
– Lima, Peru