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SPCA warns you to watch out for goslings, ducklings on the roads

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With the warm weather, you may have noticed more geese and their goslings waddling around, possibly even on the side of highways or busy roads. Sara Dubois with the BC SPCA is hoping people will slow down as the birds and their babies try to get to a body of water.

The best thing you can do to alert drivers is put up a sign: “That’s always useful so you can advise people in the area that there is a goose family currently residing in the area, and just to be cautious and slow down. Don’t try to stop traffic,” warns Dubois.

If you are concerned for the birds’ safety, Dubois says thing you can do is contact the municipality you live in. “Animal control staff can sometimes assist. These animals can sometimes be redirected to areas where there is a water body. Catching the ducklings and putting them in a box and walking them to a water body, the parents will actually follow you.”

Dubois says ducks and geese can be redirected by putting babies in a box and walking them to a safe area. The parent will follow.