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CTF wants the feds to ease your tax pain at the gas pump

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As a percentage, only people in Quebec pay more tax at the gas pump than Vancouverites. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is now calling for that to end.

If you live in Vancouver, one out of every three dollars you spend to fuel your car goes to the taxman.

With the feds bragging it’s going to have a balanced budget, the CTF is calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to can the “deficit elimination” tax.

CTF federal director Gregory Thomas is calling on the feds to give the $606 million it plans to collect under that tax back to Canadians. That tax was brought in nearly two decades ago and has generated $11.4 billion for the federal government.

The federation points out that back in 2004 as leader of the opposition, Harper called for an end to the policy of the government charging GST on top of gas excise taxes.