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Santa Barbara shooter leaves behind 140-page manifesto

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA (NEWS1130) – Neighbours are starting to talk about the 22-year-old who went on a murderous rampage in Santa Barbara, California on Friday night before taking his own life.

Six people were killed, 13 others injured.

This man says the shooter, Elliot Rodger, kept to himself. “I am sort of surprised, even though he kept to himself, I really wouldn’t think that it would come down to something like this. It’s just insane, it’s just crazy.”

Rodger got into two gun battles before crashing his car into a parked car. Police say they found three handguns, they believe purchased by Rodger, in his car. They also say they found over 400 rounds of ammunition.

Part of the investigation is a long manifesto that detectives believe Rodger wrote before the attack.

“[It’s] a 140-page rambling, autobiographical, almost a combination of an autobiography and a diary,” says Santa Barbara County Sherriff Bill Brown.

In the manifesto, Rodger outlines buying his guns and originally planning on carrying out the attack in April, but then deciding to do it Memorial Day weekend.

Rodger also posted a video to YouTube in which he vows retribution against humanity, especially women who spurned him.

The family’s lawyer says Rodger had trouble making friends and was receiving professional help from several therapists.