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How much has Vancouver spent dealing with potholes so far this year?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – They can give you a flat tire or cause you to spill your coffee on your lap. We’re talking about the dreaded potholes on our city streets.

Vancouver’s pothole report card, halfway through the year, shows the city is on track to spend about the same amount on the pesky problem as last year. 2013’s bill to fill 28,000 Vancouver potholes was $350,000.

Taryn Scollard, director of streets, says the city has already filled 7,000 holes compared to 28,000 last year.

“We do street conditions surveys every few years. We also rely on our crews that are in the field to pick up any defects. We do also suggest that if people see a pothole in their neighborhood that they call 311 and we will have a crew come out and take care of it.”

“We also monitor how much money we are spending on potholes. So if a lane, for example, becomes cost-prohibitive to keep filling potholes and its cheaper to just pave it, we will then do that analysis and do a pavement instead,” she adds.

Scollard says two years ago, the city had over 10,000 more potholes than normal because of the cold winter creating problematic freeze and thaw conditions.

She does not expect to hit those numbers this year because of our mild winter.