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Who is winning over the public in the teachers dispute?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The BCTF is lagging behind the province when it comes to public perception, according to some local marketing experts.

Linda Bilben with Reputations PR says there has been too much emphasis on wages.

“We can all relate to the teacher who spends so much time with their kids and helps our kids excel, but what we can’t relate to is the union head pounding his chest and talking about more money, more money,” says Bilben.

SFU Marketing Expert Lindsay Merideth says the BCTF needs real teachers showing real experiences.

“Demonstrating cases where quality of education for kids may be compromised. One of the things that works very well is when you can demonstrate the kinds of cases that have developed, kinds of problems,” says Merideth. “Whenever you’re talking to your market you have to find out the attributes or the variables the market cares about most and regrettably the second choice for any market is the quality of the wages that the teachers get.”

Bilben agrees. “The BCTF has to absolutely put a human face on this and quit talking about money.”