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Kids camps and classes see spike in interest and attendance due to strike

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As rotating strikes move from school to school this week, parents are working to find ways to keep their children busy.

KidsClubs.ca allows parents to sign their kids up for classes ranging from archery to dance; it even offers babysitting services.

Dwayne Wurtz with the organization says since the teachers’ dispute began, they have seen a huge spike in business. “I would say 25 per cent. The site itself gets around 700,000 hits a month, so I would say 25 per cent of 700,000 is quite significant.”

Wurtz says he has spoke with many parents in the last few weeks.

“They are very grateful that we are able to provide some information for them. Some tend to get into the political nature of it but we side step that real quick.”

The YMCA has opened a small number of strike camps for kids. Yesterday, they had 73 kids at one at their Langara location. They will run a camp at their Surrey location on Thursday.