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Three people hurt after gunfire in Yaletown and near Science World

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Three people are hurt after a shooting in Yaletown led police to the Science World area of Vancouver today.

Shortly after 11 a.m., the VPD was called to reports of gunfire outside the Starbucks on Davie near Marinaside Crescent. There, police say officers found a 52-year-old man was shot. He had to undergo surgery and is in stable but critical condition.

Witnesses at the Yaletown Urban Fare say police were there within five minutes.

Police followed the shooting suspect to the Science World area. There, more gunfire was exchanged. Both the man and an officer were hurt. The suspect was taken into custody and had to undergo surgery at the hospital. He’s listed in serious condition.

The officer was hurt from falling glass because the car she was in was hit by gunfire. She has been released from the hospital.

“I saw a cop hiding behind his cop car at the side of Science World… drove up on the sidewalk…. and then the guy turned around; he saw the cop and the cop had fired a shot,” says a witness.

Witnesses from inside the nearby VanCity building say they didn’t hear the shots, but they saw puff of smoke.

There are apparently a few field trips at Science World today; at least 50 youngsters were not allowed out for almost two hours. We spoke with one man who was there with his family today.

“[My wife] was wasn’t allowed to leave,” he tells us. “They told her apparently something is happening. Don’t go out… Afterward, she saw police.”

Meanwhile, in Yaletown, police tape is up and drinking cups have been placed over bullet casings on the street.

The windows are shattered at a nearby apartment building. Dozens of police cars are in the area, and traffic is blocked off.

The Independent Investigations Office is involved with the case.

Robin Plomp with the IIO says there are a significant number of people that need to be interviewed. “Both from the Yaletown area and the Science Park. Those witnesses have been taken to different locations and hopefully we’ll try and get through all of them today.”

Plomp says six investigators have been assigned to the file. “Once our investigation, once we’ve completed it, we’ll submit to our chief civilian director who will review it. If he feels an officer may have committed an offence, he’ll forward that investigative file to the Crown for review by them. They’ll make a decision on potential charges.”

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson issued a statement following the shooting.

“We owe tremendous thanks for the courage and fast action shown by all Vancouver Police officers who responded today to keep our city safe. This incident was a brazen attack in broad daylight, and gun violence of any kind will not be tolerated in the City of Vancouver,” he says. “Today’s events underscore the need to keep supporting the important work that Chief Jim Chu and the VPD have been doing to reduce violent crime and keep our communities safe from gun crime.

“I know this has been very upsetting for the many people who witnessed the attack, and for those who live and work in the neighbourhood. My thoughts are with the victim, the injured officer, and their friends and families during this difficult time,” Robertson adds.


shooting science world
(Anita Bathe, News1130 Photo)
shooting science world
(Courtesy Twitter @mikevanhemmen)
shooting science world
(Courtesy Twitter @mikevanhemmen)