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Should City and District of North Vancouver amalgamate?

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – North Vancouver has been divided into two separate political entities for more than a century, but one city councillor hopes to change that.

Councillor Guy Heywood’s motion will be discussed tomorrow night. It calls for the District and the City to be reunited and for the province to help fund a restructuring study.

“We have two complete full-fledged local government bureaucracies in North Vancouver that are 15 blocks away from each other. I’m sure that there’s economies that can be found in the long-term that would benefit the combined community,” he explains.

Heywood says the only opposition to the move is from those who benefit from the status quo.

He says important decisions like the drafting of an Official Community Plan shouldn’t hinge upon an arbitrary boundary drafted over a century ago.

“It was originally set simply as the holdings of two developers, one of whom was a distant relation of mine, and had no other purpose than to concentrate the tax base to the service of those developers.”

Ironically, one of his ancestors, James Pemberton Fell, helped incorporate the City of North Vancouver in 1907.