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Teachers dispute hasn't hurt Christy Clark's approval ratings

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Voters have plenty to say about the teachers dispute, but it looks like many of you still approve of the job the premier is doing.

Christy Clark’s numbers remain unchanged in a new poll.

In a survey done between June 3rd and the 12th, 37 per cent of British Columbians approve of the job she’s doing. That’s down one point from last quarter, but statistically unchanged.

Shachi Kurl with Angus Reid Global says anger over the teachers dispute has yet to translate statistically.

“In spite of parental support that we have found for teachers over government in this dispute, that doesn’t necessarily mean that parents make up such a large subset of voters that it’s really changing the numbers for the premier,” she tells us.

She points out the education file is just one part of a much bigger picture. “There are a lot of issues people will take into account when they are gauging or judging a premier’s job approval. ”

“At 37 per cent, we’re seeing that 37 per cent say that’s she’s doing a job they approve,” adds Kurl.

The survey finds Clark is the sixth most popular premier in the country.