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Conservative BC MPs getting angry calls, letters over approval of Northern Gateway

OTTAWA (NEWS1130) – Many British Columbians are writing angry letters to their MPs after the feds approved the Northern Gateway pipeline project yesterday. But so far, there aren’t many on Parliament Hill who are willing to speak about the issue.

Several BC Conservative MPs refused to take questions from the media today, although who that did defend the decision as one that’s based on science and good for the economy.

Angry constituents have been calling, writing and tweeting MPs like John Weston. Despite this reaction, he says he’s not worried about this becoming an election issue next year.

“I’m worried more about getting things done for Canadians and for British Columbians,” he says.

But the NDP’s Nathan Cullen says the jobs of the 21 Conservative MP’s from the province are at risk.

“At least one in five of their voters are going to switch their vote based on this issue,” says Cullen. “Conservative MPs who didn’t win by much and don’t have that room to wiggle are going to start to want to make some space for them.”

A local political pundit tells News1130 the Conservatives could lose two or three seats as a result the Northern Gateway decision, adding two seats held by the Tories on Vancouver Island will likely be in jeopardy.