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Feds' green light to Northern Gateway sparked major Downtown Vancouver protest

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Anti-pipeline protesters wasted no time in voicing their opposition to Northern Gateway, rallying only hours after the feds gave conditional approval yesterday.

Rallying cries sounded more like calls to battle in Downtown Vancouver, with a number of people calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to resign.

Things almost got out of hand at one point, with protesters blocking streets, trapping frustrated drivers. Vancouver Police eventually calmed things, but rallying cries continued as the crowd moved to the side of the road.

Speakers declared that “the war was on.”

“Not a lot of a surprise,” says one protester.

“[Harper] made the decision to go ahead with this three years ago,” he accuses. “It’s been apparent ever since. The dog and pony show with the joint review panel confirmed that. It was just a farce. He decided on his own three years ago in a small little background deal, and here we are now.”

“I think it’s ridiculous on almost every level, whether it’s the geo-political strategic value of that finite resources, the tanker routes, the pipeline path overall, the rivers… on and on,” he adds.

People at the rally said they’ll continue to fight the pipeline project, even in court, until it is cancelled.

Northern Gateway protest