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Some homes in Central Ontario will be destroyed following F-2 tornado

ANGUS, ONTARIO (NEWS1130) – Some homes will need to be demolished because of Tuesday’s F-2 Tornado in central Ontario.

The winds of the tornado were 220 km/h when it powered through Angus.

Some homes had their roofs ripped off, other homes suffered even worse damage.

Angus Mayor Terry Dowdall says there is an upside. “Nobody was seriously hurt and I think that’s what people come back to. At the end of the day I can speak quite proudly about the municipality, the staff, the OPP.”

In Markham, many people remain without power.

Power Stream CEO Brian Bentz says it will take time to get things back up and running. “We expect to have the pole line reset within the next two days.”

Premier Kathleen Wynne has issued a statement expressing her condolences to the families who lost their homes. The Essa Township, which includes Angus, was declared an emergency zone immediately after the tornado and provincial officials were on the ground working closely with local counterparts to help the community. Wynn also says she’ll visit the area in the coming days to offer her support.

People are being allowed access to their homes with fire and police services chaperones to retrieve necessary items like medications.

Pharmacies in the community are also offering to help people obtain medications.