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Education critic slams the BC government for a front-page ad on the teachers dispute

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Should the government be using your cash to pay for a front page ad putting forward its side in the contract dispute with teachers?

The ad in a local free daily newspaper shows what teachers are asking for compared with what the BC government considers affordable.

NDP Education Critic Rob Fleming calls it an inappropriate use of taxpayer money.

“We’ve seen a taxpayer-funded advertising blitz from the government at exactly the time that they were told bargaining with teachers through the media is completely unproductive,” he says.

“This is exactly the wrong time to start wasting taxpayer money on a public relations campaign and an advertising blitz. They’re supposed to be working harder to get to a negotiated deal,” adds Fleming.

He points out government has claimed throughout this dispute that it needs to be responsible with your money to get the best value for taxpayers.