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Bed bug company says calls are up 20 per cent

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The number of cases of bed bugs is increasing across Canada, and especially here in BC.

A COMPAS Research survey of Canadian Health Inspectors shows that reports of bed bug infestations have risen anywhere from 20 to 50 per cent over the past three years, with an average annual increase of eight per cent.

The research was conducted on behalf of Abell Pest Control, which itself has found there has already been a 20 per cent increase in bed bug inquires compared to the same period last year, with most calls from major cities including Toronto, Winnipeg, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver.

“A few years ago, we used to do three or four a week bed bug calls a week, and now we do five or six a day, so it’s increasing,” says James Roach, a branch manager at Abell.

He thinks the numbers are up because more people are calling pest control when they see any type of bug, and because it’s travel season.

“More people are travelling. Bed bugs are a transferrable pest. They are little hitchhikers. They jump on people’s luggage when they travel around. They get onto used furniture when you bring them into your place or mattresses. People visit each other and bring them along,” he explains.

June to October is traditionally prime season for bed bugs.

Roach doesn’t believe the situation is out of control.

“They are solvable issue, as long as you work together with people. Tenants have to follow certain instructions, like how to prepare the home before treatment. As a company, we can get bed bugs under control. We haven’t had any issues where we couldn’t get the issue under control.”