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Canucks have surplus of tickets

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – For more than eight seasons, the Canucks have enjoyed a lengthy waiting list for season tickets, with many people waiting several years before they even get a crack at buying them.

But after their dismal season this past year, the team suddenly find itself with too many tickets.

Canucks COO Victor De Bonis says they’re not pushing any panic buttons just yet.

“We are down two or three percent here [compared to] where we would normally be based on other years. It’s just a matter now of working really hard over the next couple months to get back to the season base that we historically want to have.”

“We’ve obviously made a number of changes at the management level over the last two months, you know everybody is really working hard to do their best to get us back on a winning track here,” adds De Bonis.

The team is hoping to sell 17,000 season tickets by opening day.