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NPA accused of spreading false, personal rumours about Vancouver's mayor

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The NPA is being accused of spreading false rumours about Vancouver’s mayor and his family.

Vision Vancouver is calling on the association to explain an email sent out by Vice President Rob Macdonald.

In the email, Macdonald says he can’t attend a meeting on climate change because he’s been asked to sit in on another meeting to discuss rumours regarding Gregor Robertson’s personal life.

Marcella Munro with Vision Vancouver says it’s a sad state of affairs for the NPA. “We think the NPA, Rob Macdonald, and Kirk Lapointe need to be asked to explain if this type of disappointing campaign of personal attacks represents the NPA.”

“These kinds of personal attacks show the NPA is negative and backwards. This kind of campaign has no place in Vancouver, we feel the voters deserve better,” she adds.

In an email to News1130, Macdonald says Vision Vancouver’s assertion is incorrect. “I only pass on what I hear from Vision insiders to my friend Geoff Meggs so that he knows what is being said. I think Geoff could be a good mayoral candidate one day. On a personal note, I like Gregor and his wife Amy, who has been very kind to my son over the years. I wish them all the best.”

Robertson and his wife Amy have announced they are separating.