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Kinder Morgan doesn't have a plan to deal with a big fire at Burnaby Mtn facility, says fire dept

BURNABY (NEWS1130) – Kinder Morgan isn’t prepared to deal with any sort of major fire at its Burnaby Mountain facility, says the fire department.

There’s also concern from firefighters about a lack of information the company is sharing.

Firefighters want detailed information about the facility, given they’ll be expected to pick up the slack, says deputy fire chief Chris Bowcock with Burnaby Fire, who tells us the company can’t fight a blaze alone.

“It’s interesting to me how we’re supposed to fully understand the impacts of the facility currently and in the future when the information required to understand that is being very overtly withheld,” says Bowcock.

But he adds Kinder Morgan isn’t being cooperative in providing information.

“I want an emergency response plan that identifies what the risks are, how they’re going to be dealt with, what the hard numbers are… the facts are on that facility,” he explains.

Bowcock says with Kinder Morgan poised to twin its existing pipeline and increase the amount of tankers at Burnaby Mountain, coming up with an emergency plan will be even more important.

“By building out this facility to an even greater extent, it puts those risks as close as 20 metres to the community,” he says.

“It requires a much greater effort on our part to prevent the fire from leaving the facility, and that issue, increases the amount of work we have to do on the outside to save lives or to protect lives, the environment, and the property prior to getting into the facility and assisting them.”